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  • What creative programs do you work in?
    I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and also have experience in Corel Painter.
  • Are you familiar with content management systems or various workflow software?
    Yes, I have worked with programs like Asana, Canto Cumulus, and WordPress--including the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Do you have experience managing others?
    As an Art Director and Lead Designer, I have often worked with and managed a rotating roster of both in-house and remote freelance creatives, including graphic designers, photographers, web developers, and copywriters. I have also managed the on-boarding and initial training for over 30 designers during my tenure as a Design Instructor at Punch Studio.
  • Do you have traditional painting and drawing skills?
    Yes! I attended Syracuse University's College of the Visual and Performing arts and majored in Illustration. Many of my professors were members of the Society of Illustrators and well known in their fields for children's books, editorial work, fine art, and more. As such, my undergraduate art education covered many traditional techniques in drawing, composition, painting in acrylics and oils, and more.
  • How do you manage client criticism and requests for revisions?
    Revisions are part of the job! I fully expect to work as a partnership with any company, art director, direct manager, creative director, client or otherwise to find the right visual solution. This may require constructive criticism or changes--all of which is expected. The best way to work is without ego and what makes me most satisfied is finding the right answer to a problem that needs solving.
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